Dangerous Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher

New Jersey and Pennsylvania Doberman Pinscher Dog Bite Lawyers

Doberman Pinschers consistently make the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs” list year after year.

About Doberman Pinschers

Even as adorable puppies with floppy ears, the regal stance and clean, angular lines of the Doberman can easily be seen.  Popular as family dogs, Pinschers grow into medium-sized dogs and without properly handling can become difficult to control.

The Doberman Pinscher breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1908 and is classified in the group Mastiff, AKC Working.

Height: Male Dogs 26-28 inches (66-71cm.),  Bitches 24-26 inches (61-66cm.)

Weight:  66-88 pounds (30-40kg.)

New Jersey - Pennsylvania Doberman Pinscher Dog Bite Attorneys

Personality and Traits

These high-energy and agile dogs have tremendous courage, intelligence, and loyalty. They can be trained to perform complex tasks and work well under intense situations including police work and during war time.

Most breeders recommend Pinschers are a breed best suited for an experienced dog owner because they do best with consistent and patient leadership, training, and plenty of exercise. Pinschers can become dominant if not properly trained and do not respond well to submissive or fearful handlers, or to abuse.

The breed is not necessarily considered aggressive by nature, but is highly protective with a strong prey drive which can lead to aggression. Poorly bred or untrained Pinschers are capable of inflicting tremendous damage to humans and other animals because of their speed and powerful bites.

Like Rottweilers and German Shepherds, Dobermans are loyal and protective to anyone they see as part of their “pack ” and may develop a “guarding issue.” This includes the owner, family members, and sometimes other animals. Because of their naturally protective nature, early and extensive socialization is important when raising a Doberman puppy.

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