Dalmatian Fatal Attacks on Humans and Dog Bite Statistics

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Dalmatians often make the “Most Dangerous Dog Lists” although human deaths from Dalmatian attacks are extremely rare.¬† However, Dalmatians have a high prey drive and frequently will kill other animals and attack children.

The story of two-year-old Niamh Smith, a child in the UK is a more typical example of Dalmatian attacks. In 2003, her parents gave her a Dalmatian as a pet after seeing the Disney movie, “101 Dalmatians.” While playing with the dog, it attacked swiftly, mauling here severely in a matter of seconds. Niamh required more than 40 stitches in her face after her pet dog mauled her as well as eye surgery.(1)

What makes her story all too typical is that she was left unsupervised with a dog.

In 2009, a Fergus Falls, MN man was attacked and severely bitten by a Dalmatian on a leash. Police claim the dog was startled.

Although Dalmatians have been known to cause fatal injuries and consistently make the ‚ÄúTop 10 Most Dangerous Dogs‚Äù list perhaps the reason for the breed’s notoriety for bite rates is due to poor breeding, inexperienced owners, and the tendency towards deafness in the breed which can lead to fear biting.



(1) BBC News. Toddler Mauled by Dalmatian.

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